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HKSAR Central Government Offices

Our Electronic Locker which provides multiple opening solutions is designed for both the public and private domain, its advantages include ease of use, high reliability and security, front panel control, low maintenance and a simple operation.

The Legislative Council Complex

Ansen's intelligent Keyless Barcode Lockers are supported by
 Ticket on Hand TM control and the password cannot be retrieved by the naked eye as it is encrypted by a multiple-digit barcode. These lockers are easily installed, simple to use, and require little training prior to its use. Additional English and Chinese voice instructions are available.

Video demonstration is now available here

Citygate Outlets , Tung Chung

This Electronic Locker features a barcode ticket access instead of keys, and offers advanced management and security functions, allowing operators to monitor all lockers activity at both the locker rental station and remotely from a "Back-End" control computer. A touch-screen graphic display allows customers to enjoy conveniences such as locker rental instructions in multiple languages, coins or banknotes payment options.

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Ocean Park Charging Station

This Handheld Devices Charging Locker features a large interior space, which is perfect for charging popular mobile phones and tablets in many places such as stores, bars, cafes, cinemas, events, clubhouses, airports and shopping malls etc. Lockers have ‘pay-to-use’ or ‘free-to-use’ module for selection.

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The Rink , Elements , Tsim Sha Tsui

Ansen’s Coin Locker represents the simplest and most mistake-proof option to the customer. It can be adjusted to operate with tokens and coins from different countries. Our lock can either be used for free with the coins being refunded upon return of the key, or the coins can be accepted when it is used by rental businesses.

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Judiciary - Wanchai Law Courts , Hong Kong

This Close-Type Barcode Locker features a large interior space, which is perfect for high security area such as prison, law courts and police station etc. All doors are fixed with transparent acrylic window and stainless steel plate is installed at the bottom of each case for strong protection. It allows quick access with management control switch backup. Heavy-duty solid steel construction with durable powder coated finish.

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